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Political Uncertainty Pushing Gold Up

Political Uncertainty Pushing Gold Up

Gold rose on the notion of increasing political uncertainty and a weakened dollar, after a disappointing press-conference for analysts hoping for some insight into the impending economic conditions during the imminent Trump administration. For months gold rallied and fell, as the tone of political certainly came and went with the results from various polls during … Continue reading Political Uncertainty Pushing Gold Up


Commodities Rise on Fed Minutes

Commodities experience gains across the board as the minutes from the Feds December meeting are released. Energy: WTI and Brent posted modest rises after significant drops in Tuesday's trading session. ¬†With Brent, the global benchmark, experiencing a rise of 1.69% and WTI Crude a rise of 1.72% at 19:25 GMT. Natural gas however experienced a … Continue reading Commodities Rise on Fed Minutes