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Dow Nears the 20,000 Mark

Dow Nears the 20,000 Mark

Whilst wage gains remained historically moderate, the 2.9% increased experienced in December 2016, as revealed in the U.S. jobs report issued Friday, aided in pushing U.S. stocks higher, and the Dow within single-digit points of the 20,000 mark. Many U.S. stocks surged on the U.S. wage growth revealed in the jobs report this Friday regarding December 2016. … Continue reading Dow Nears the 20,000 Mark


U.S. December Job Growth Poorer than Expected

U.S. jobs data was poorer than many analysts had been expecting, with a gain of 156,000 jobs in December, and the unemployment rate rising to 4.7%, representing a 0.1% increase from November 2016. However, U.S. unemployment spent 2016 at record lows, with the highest figure posted apparent in March and April, when jobless figures rose to … Continue reading U.S. December Job Growth Poorer than Expected