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Pound Tumbles on Brexit Concerns

Pound Tumbles on Brexit Concerns

The pound was down 1.13% against the U.S. and 0.77% against the Euro at 21:15 GMT, as concerns regarding the nature of Britain's exit from the European Union push the currency to a three-month-low. Beginning the trading week down almost 2% against the dollar in early-hour trading, the British pound remained a vivid illustration of … Continue reading Pound Tumbles on Brexit Concerns


Euro Continues Gain Against Dollar

The euro continued its gain against the U.S. dollar with a rise of 1.02% at 12:22 EST, continuing from Wednesday's trading session, in which the currency closed up 0.85166 against the dollar, pushing against three consecutive days of losses in trading sessions in the days prior to the release of minutes from the Feds December … Continue reading Euro Continues Gain Against Dollar