Chequered Trading Session for U.S. Shares

U.S. shares post modest results subsequent to their rise in yesterday’s trading session on the weak dollar consequent of the release of minutes from the Feds December meeting.

Shares in the U.S. performed well yesterday on the weakening of the dollar after the Fed released minutes from its December meeting, and traders and analysts attempted to deduce any palpable indication of further interest rate hikes in 2017.

Abercrombie & Finch were subject one of the largest declines of popular U.S. shares in Thursday’s trading session, falling by 4.76% at 14:06 EST, trading at 12.32. Erasing gains made yesterday on the surge in many U.S. shares – which marked a second consecutive positive trading session for the company.

Another of the biggest declines during Thursday’s trading session has been Aecom, of which, at 14:06 EST, had declined by 2.23%, dropping below the modest gains made in the surge enjoyed by many U.S. shares yesterday.

However, there were exceptions to the poor share performance relative to yesterday’s general trend of increase – Agnico-Eagle Mines posted the largest session gain of popular U.S. shares, at 4.88% at 14:07 EST, followed by Allergan, posting a 2.22% increase during the trading day. Marking another instalment in a recent catalogue of increases enjoyed by the company.

Whilst the picture for U.S. share performance has been mixed, particularly in relation to Wednesday’s increases, the general trend amongst popular U.S. shares has been chequered but ultimately continued relatively positively for most.

– Popular U.S. shares list and corresponding data from Plus500 trading platform.


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