Commodities Rise on Fed Minutes

Commodities experience gains across the board as the minutes from the Feds December meeting are released.


WTI and Brent posted modest rises after significant drops in Tuesday’s trading session.  With Brent, the global benchmark, experiencing a rise of 1.69% and WTI Crude a rise of 1.72% at 19:25 GMT.

Natural gas however experienced a drop of -1.68%, falling to 3.270/mmBtu at 19:30 GMT. Being the only commodity to experience significant declines subsequent to the release of the Feds minutes from its December meeting.

Heating oil also posted a modest increase of almost 1% at 19:35 GMT. Standing at 0.90%, or $1.6920/gallon.


Gold continued a second day of gains, rising 0.50% at 19:30 GMT, to $1,164.04/ounce, floating on buoyancy provided by the weakened dollar.

Palladium posted the largest gain on the metals, rising 3.90% to $737.26/ounce at 19:30 GMT.

Copper was another significant riser in the wake of the Fed minutes release, experiencing a rise of 2.70%, $2.5562/pound to  at 19:30 GMT.

Silver posted a modest gain of 1.09%, rising to $16.414/ounce at 19:33 GMT, lagging behind many of the other metal commodities.


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